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What is a Ode?

An Ode is a lyric poem, usually addressing a particular person or thing. It originated in Ancient Greece.

What is the structure of an Ode?

Odes use similes, metaphors and sometimes a technique called hyperbole.

Example of a Ode

Ode to an Olive

Oh Olive,
You are as precious to me as any gem,
With your beautiful, pure skin as smooth as silk
And as green as the grass in summertime.
I love your taste and the smell of your tender fruit
Which hides beneath your green armour.
Olive, sweet, tasty Olive,
How I love you so and my mealtimes wouldn't be the same
If you weren't in my life.
Oh Olive,
Nothing can compare to you, nothing at all,
You are food of the gods, a king's riches
And, most importantly, you are mine, oh Olive!

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