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What is a Horatian Ode Poem?

A Horatian Ode is a poem with meter and rhyme. It is devoted to praising a person, animal or object.

The structure of a Horatian Ode Poem

Abab cdecde

An example of a Horatian Ode Poem

Start Of The School Week

(a) Trudging to school on a cold, dreary morning,
(b) It's only Monday, this week is going to be long,
(a) So tired, I'm still yawning,
(b) This feeling hardly makes me break into song,
(c) A week of learning stretches out ahead,
(d) The teacher's at the front, the first lesson's art,
(e) We make it to lunch and I still feel sad,
(c) Really would love to go back to bed,
(d) But Friday rolls around and it's time to depart,
(e) It's then I realise, school isn't that bad.

Why don't you try writing a Horatian Ode poem and enter it into one of our poetry competitions.

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