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Set your young writer on a journey from learning how to write amazing fiction, all the way to having professionally printed copies of their book.

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What does the AWARD-WINNING Toolkit include?

The Complete Writer's Toolkit Contents

All the tools they need to create an incredible book...

  • 5 x professionally printed copies of their completed book to share with family and friends
  • A writing guide packed full of information and activities, teaching them everything they need to know to confidently write amazing fiction
  • A notebook and pen for capturing ideas as they're inspired along the way
  • Planning poster and sticky notes to get organised ready for the all important writing
  • A grammar guide to help them avoid common mistakes - perfect for the editing process
  • Access to the online portal where they can upload their writing, layout their book, and design their cover - creating a masterpiece you'll both be proud of!

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A message from the creator...

This is an incredible head start for any young adult interested in a career in writing. I've condensed 15 years of knowledge into this toolkit – I wish I'd had it when I was younger!

Ben Reeves Signature

A unique experience...



A comprehensive writing guide, so they can master all the skills and techniques needed to write a truly amazing story...

  • Generating ideas
  • World building
  • Creating compelling characters
  • Developing plot
  • Writing dialogue
  • Writing techniques
  • Structure
  • Finishing touches
The Complete Writer's Toolkit - Writing Guide


Plan & Perfect

The Complete Writer's Toolkit - Planning Poster The Complete Writer's Toolkit - Notepad The Complete Writer's Toolkit - Pocket Book The Complete Writer's Toolkit - Post-Its The Complete Writer's Toolkit - Pen

All the tools they need to plan and perfect their fiction writing skills!

  • A planning poster they can hang in their writing space
  • A notebook to capture their ideas
  • Sticky notes for organising their thoughts
  • A grammar guide to help them through the toughest of traps



They can bring all their hard work together using the online portal to upload their work, use the easy cover creator and send their work off to us!

We'll then send them 5 professionally printed and bound copies of their masterpiece to share with family and friends!

The Complete Writer's Toolkit - VIP Voucher

Storytelling is a valuable life skill for securing job interviews, marketing, making friends and learning more about oneself. Much more beneficial than video games!


Who is the Complete Writer's Toolkit for?

The Complete Writer's Toolkit has been specifically created for young adults, aged 13-17.

It's perfect for passionate teenagers who devour books, LOVE to write and dream of being an author and seeing their book come to life!

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The Complete Writer's Toolkit
Young Adults Edition
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