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Goal Celebration

My excitement builds and the crowd goes wild,
It feels so good to be a child.
We kick off and I pass the ball,
'Go Alfie!' I hear my mum call.
I feel my tummy flutter with nerves,
And watch the ball as it curves.
The ball spins round and round,
As it bounces on the ground,
I feel my fear build to a scream,
As the ball goes to the other team.
The ball breaks free, I can see,
My team have left it for me.
I get it and kick it, it hits my knee,
And flies over the goalie.
Goal! Everyone shouts, I feel so high,
Like a cloud floating in the sky,
It feels so good,
As I hoped it would.
I jump up and down,
With my teammates all around,
My happiness is clear to see,
I love football,
It means so much to me!

by Alfie Pitchfork (8)
Tudor Court Primary School, Chafford Hundred

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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