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Words were harmless and innocent when they were born,
When they were placed, sewn, crafted and formed.
Every word, every comma, parenthesis carefully placed,
Like a tailor carefully joining up lace.
They were happy, uplifting, joyful and proud,
Any mixture, creation, combination was allowed,
No matter who, when, how or why,
Words could be crafted and coloured with dye.
But then we destroyed them, killed them and stripped them clean,
Then reconstructed them with a brand new mean.
Words were no longer peacefully sheathed,
They were now venomous and sharply teethed.
The reason for this change is simple and clear,
A loud growl for a hostile bear,
Instead of allowing them to fly free and fall,
We loaded them into our teeth like cannonballs.
We spat them like bullets, shot them like guns,
Kept them as daggers hidden deep in our gums.
We found weapons and torture devices in them,
Like a fox finds food in a deep, dark den.
The once free, harmless words are now caged in depression,
In anger and rage and un-needed aggression.

by Matthew Wagstaff
Samworth Church Academy, Mansfield

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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