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The Feeling Of Embarrassment

Eyes stare and glare at you,
You never know what to do,
Should you laugh?
Should you smile?
Should you cry and flood the aisle?
Your hands start to sweat and shake,
And you regret you made an embarrassing mistake.
A little feeling starts to grow,
Then begins to overflow.
You chant a little nervous laugh,
Then you feel amazingly daft.
Your brain tightens, your belly aches,
And on your forehead sweat starts to break.
Eyes wide open and your mouth agape,
Looking round for a place to escape.
Then the moment you most dread
Your face decides to go bright red.
Red as a rose in full bloom,
You really wish it would end soon.
Your face feels as warm as the sun,
Your mouth is dry, your tongue is numb.
Your heart beats like a drum,
Wanting and yearning for your mum.
Waiting and waiting for this moment to end,
If only this mistake could mend.
So now you're waiting for everyone to turn around,
Maybe then will your face cool down.
The bell rings and everyone runs along,
Thank goodness for that, now time can move on.

by Clara Rose Murray (10)
St Caolan's Primary School, Darragh Cross

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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