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Lilly Laughter And Her Adventure In The Gigglecopter

It was a sunny afternoon, the birds were tweeting joyfully in the trees. Lilly Laughter was relaxing and listening to the radio. Her favourite song was interrupted by a newsreader announcing that Lilly's dangerous enemy had escaped from Sheffield Prison. His name was Sidney Sadness. The newsreader said that Sidney was making everyone cry so that he could capture their tears and make them into sad bombs.

'I need to rescue Sheffield from Sidney's evil plan. I don't want anyone to feel distressed,' worried Lilly.

Lilly grabbed the shiny key to her Gigglecopter and took to the sky. She felt excited and nervous. She switched on her computer and printed gazillions of jokes to drop to the people below. She called her friends and asked them to do their most hilarious chicken dances. She realised she needed to do more. She reached for her microphone, 'What do elves learn in school? The elfabet!' she giggled. She realised she could hear everyone in Sheffield laughing too. Then police arrested naughty Sidney Sadness. There was nothing to worry about any more. Everyone cheered!

by Asha Chib-Lewis (6)
Ashdell Preparatory School, Sheffield

Competition - Superhero Adventures

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