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Eggcellent Day

It was early morning, the fog was thick, the rain was heavy. Richardson Chicken Farm was under the watchful eye of Super Noodle. She was the only Egg Protector from Evil Badmati Rice's enemy.

Evil's plan was to steal eggs to prevent Super Noodle from creating delicious egg noodles and to uphold the world law of healthy eating. Super Noodle sensed Evil was close and suddenly saw two red eyes peeping through the fog next to the chicken coop.

Evil grabbed an egg and just as he tried to break it, Super Noodle's super powers switched on. With a blink of an eye she leaned forward and became strong and stretchy.

Evil tried to flick Super Noodle with his harmful rice, but it was no good. Super Noodle quickly wrapped herself around Evil Badmati making him powerless and rolled him to jail.

Super Noodle saved the day and was eggstatic!

by Nancy Richardson (7)
St Berteline's CE Aided Primary School, Runcorn

Competition - Superhero Adventures

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