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Magical Moore

Once upon a time there was a superhero called Magical Moore. Her sidekick was a dog called Magic. They lived in an underground house in Westcliff. Magical Moore had magic powers and her arch-enemy was Mr Crazy.

One sunny day Magical Moore and Magic were playing in the park. Suddenly, it turned cold and she saw Mr Crazy. He shouted, 'I have kidnapped the queen!'

Magical Moore ran to change into her superhero outfit. She jumped into her magical truck and followed Mr Crazy to Southend beach. Magical Moore found the queen's boat was sinking. Oh no! The boat was sinking in water filled with crocodolphins. Mr Crazy had made a new scary creature that was half crocodile and half dolphin. The queen was calling for help from the boat window. Magical Moore couldn't wait any longer. She got her magic scoop out of her truck. She then carried the boat and put it down on the safe beach. Magical Moore helped the crazy creatures with a magic spell. They all turned into friendly dolphins again. Magical Moore turned to Mr Crazy and shouted, 'Stop there!' She waved her hand and a magic net fell onto Mr Crazy. The police took Mr Crazy away. To thank Magic Moore the queen gave her a golden collar for magic.

by Alice Moore (8)
Saint Pierre School, Leigh-On-Sea

Competition - Superhero Adventures

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