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Danger In The Forest!

One day I decided to go and explore the nature in the forest. I had a special and powerful ring from my grandad. I was to wear it whenever I go out on my own for protection. When I was in the middle of the forest, everything went quiet.

I stood for a second and I remembered my grandad telling me that if you are in the middle of the forest and everything goes quiet, it means there is a giant snake moving around the forest. 'Oh no!' I whispered to myself. 'This can't be true,' I said. I was shivering and scared. Not for long, I heard a loud noise.

'Help! Help! Help!' Courageously, I drew near and saw my friends, Derick and Milly, surrounded by a massive snake. I remembered what my grandad told me, that if I see a snake not to run away because it will swallow me. Instead, I should wear my ring and clap my hands four times and it would run away.

'I am coming,' I said to my friends. Without wasting time, on the count of three, I clapped my hands four times and the snake ran away and my friends were safe.

by Abigael Kitavi (6)
Bishop Winnington-Ingram CE Primary School, Ruislip

Competition - Superhero Adventures

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