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Trick Of The Light

Stunning how a summer breeze can carry away our worries,
Gives us peace of mind,
Truly those worries are only hidden in the whispering winds,
Yet, we are indifferent.

It is said when an artist changes this fleeting world for an immortal rest,
The sky becomes their canvas,
Cobalt-blue blends and bends in a tireless tango with a burning magenta,
We lay motionless, our wait anxious.

Heavy breathing encases our perch,
Eyes focused, we could not be put off,
The trees purred in a tranquil unison,
Dangers long forgotten.

And yet, when this fateful dance draws to a halt,
When the last note is played,
Our dilemmas creep up on us,
A slow death with a tireless grip.

Forgotten moments slither back from the depths of our minds to haunt us,
Ruthless in their ways.
A trick of the light can only hold our attention for so long,
Before reality weaves its way into our most comfortable of bubbles and bursts even that.

Our unspoken fondness for the summer's evening may never fade,
Blissful moments need never mend,
Alas, like a first love and our last breath,
All good things must come to an end.

by Iqra Ismail (0)
Featherstone High School, Southall

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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