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When The Fog Rolls In

You know what they say when the fog rolls in,
Over the land and sea.
You know what they do when the fog rolls in;
Everyone in the town will flee.
If you're across the sea when the fog rolls in – beware.
Your limbs will fail the test
And your soul will never cease to rest.
I understand what they say when the fog rolls in.
On land you must hurry to the hidden caves.
Those who cross the sea must fear the ferocious waves.
There is no escape.
You must listen to what they say, about when the fog rolls in.
You must be quick
Or your lifetime clock will start to tick.
They're not your classical monsters as you can tell;
Their souls create human-like shapes in the fog once they have risen from Hell.
They blend in with the peculiar colour of the fog, and their arms are the strongest.
But they're not covered in scars and – even in this town – humans survive the longest.
Then they lead you into a false sense of security,
By then you know you're gone; so say goodbye to all your purity.
I was in a boat when they came for me.
Each limb was torn and eaten, my body and bones thrown into the sea.
Death is not the part we fear;
It's killing those who are so dear.
Now I am a monster too,
And there's nothing I can do.

Only one thing is
I'm coming for

by Elysia Pennington (12)
Crofton Academy, Wakefield

Competition - The Poetry Trials

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