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The Land Of No Shadows

Full of joy and light the turquoise sea holds no secrets
Stretched over the world like a wavy blanket
It rules with calm and peace on foreign beaches
It slowly creeps up and up
Until it bites your wiggly toes
Then the cold spreads around you like a viper searching for his son
And now it’s time for the sea to turn to its other side,
Water spouts and tidal waves ten feet high.
The residents of the beach dig down or hide in their shells
The limpets cling onto their grains for dear life
But there’s a thing that has no defence,
The sand itself
The golden grains get whipped up hitting the poor seagulls like ammunition
On their way to their nests but the sea can’t keep this power
And in the end the sea is friends with the fish once again
The sea holds no secrets.

by Alastair Buckley (8)
West Horsley

Competition - Poetry Detectives

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