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I Promise To Stand In The Rain

I promise to stand in the rain,
Forever with a smile.
Yearning for the impossible to be possible.
Imagining an impossibly perfect world with clear skies,
A land with no lies.

I promise you I'll dance in the rain.
No matter the consequences,
Remembering a dream long forgotten,
Where I rose and soared, free.
That dream is one I can no longer see.

I'll promise myself to accept the rain,
Controlling the downpour of emotion.
Seeing each memory in a tear.
Wondering about the lies I have seen.
Hoping one day I can live like a queen.

I broke my promise to stand in the rain,
And now I fear.
I'll crumble like my broken memories.
Trapped in my past pain,
I'll yet again promise to stand in the rain.

by Gurleen Chauhan (14)
North Huddersfield Trust School, West Yorkshire

Competition - Poetopia

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