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I kissed my mum and dad goodnight,
Little did I know I was in for a fright.
Warm and cosy in my bed,
I thought I saw some eyes gleam red.
In the dark of the room,
By the light of the moon,
I thought I heard
The call of doom.
I watched the creature,
In the corner,
Growing, growing,
Ever taller.
I hid myself
Under the cover
And desperately wished
For my mother.
Petrifying, pounding palpitations,
Terrifying, paralysing, evil sensations,
I braced myself
And wished with might…
Then somebody turned on the light!
The evil creature
In my room
Was really my teddy,
Garry Goon!
A wave of relief
Washed over my head,
As I snuggled once more
Into my bed.

by Rabiah Ahmed (10)
Manchester High School For Girls, Rusholme

Competition - Poetry Emotions

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