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Wakeless Nightmare

A black fog envelops and snatches the sight from each eye,
The skipping heartbeats sweep my body as if it can tell the end is nigh.
A white cloud emerges from dry lips belonging to a raw, emotionless visage,
The sound of thick, rubber soles crunch in the unknown, forced forward with courage.
Fragile eyelids flutter and simultaneously open,
Although other limbs stay imitating the feeling of being frozen.
Fear rises through the soil and raises the hair on my body as it crawls up my spine,
As I realise there's another breath but mine.
I turn to face those who may be friend or fiend,
Though I greeted a faceless silhouette's arm that leaned.
Sturdy hand held forth the cold barrel of a known shaped apparatus,
Of which held the knowledge of my previous not-deceased status.
A lifeless mouth with no words to be spoken,
Seemed wise to know that most of things can be unbroken.
Tear-stained eyes tremble as they hunt for any sort of exit,
While my paralysed body is crushed by my screaming thoughts so hectic.
The echoing of a dreaded sound silences every thought,
My soul still wails that there was still a war to be fought.
I feel the reddened liquid engulf a lost cadaver,
While the whispered words to wake up stagger.
The parted soul travels back to the land where real life is identified,
And slips through the glistened window of eyes so petrified.
The empty and hollow corpse is suddenly thrown back into animation,
A harsh realisation of being a demon's puppet leads to aggravation.
I wear an unremovable mask that is forged from anxiety,
Dreams are a misunderstood conspiracy that has been declared by society.
Reality is complicated along with being strange and uncertain,
Yet it is certainly better than sleeping alongside this burden.
So each night I lay paralysed in sadness and despair,
I acknowledge there's nowhere to scurry away from this
Wakeless Nightmare.

by Jamie Chaves (15)
St. John The Baptist School, Woking

Competition - The Poetry Trials

Copyright remains with the author.