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The Dragon's Eye

In a magical crystal temple hidden away deep in the Forest of Dragons, a powerful crystal called The Dragon's Eye was hidden away from the evil King Richard and his army.

There were two teenagers called Freddie and Alice who were walking through the Forest of Dragons. Alice noticed a small twinkling spark, she pointed at it to show Freddie and they both decided to run after the spark.

Alice and Freddie followed the twinkling spark and to their surprise they found the crystal temple and they were shocked and frightened to meet two enormous dragons. One dragon stepped forward, he was a golden dragon and he told Fred about the evil King Richard. King Richard wanted the crystal dragon's eye to make him more powerful. The golden dragon gave Freddie a crystal and told him, ‘This is your power, keep it safe and I am your dragon.’

The silver dragon stepped forward to Alice and said, ‘You and Freddie are guardians of the crystal dragon's eye.’ The silver dragon gave Alice a crystal and said, ‘This is your power, keep it safe and I am your dragon. Both of you will have to use it against the evil King Richard, but you can only use it against him when you're out of training. If King Richard gets the dragon's eye he will bring darkness to our world.’

King Richard had been searching for centuries for the dragon's eye, he needed to have it, he would do anything to get it. He was walking in a temper with his army when they came upon the Forest of Dragons. He hated how beautiful the forest was and he moaned all day and night. His temper worsened the longer he stayed in the forest. He noticed a spark, he sent two of his men to see what it was. When they came back they said, ‘We have found the dragon's eye.’ King Richard was very happy. King Richard sent all of his army to attack the Crystal Temple at night.

Alice and Fred woke up their dragons. Alice ran up to the tower to get the dragon's eye. She placed it carefully into a bag. Alice took out another crystal that looked the same as the dragon's eye but it wasn't. Alice ran as fast as she could holding onto the bag with the real dragon's eye in it. She wanted to get back to Fred and the dragons. When she found them Fred told her that King Richard's army was attacking. The dragons took them to a secret tunnel so they could escape. They came out of the tunnel further in the forest. Alice and Fred climbed up onto the dragon's back. The dragon flew up high and flew far away from the Crystal Temple. They flew somewhere special. Somewhere safe to hide the dragon's eye and the dragons.

King Richard ran up the tower as fast as he could. He saw the dragon's eye and he grabbed it. He said to himself, ‘This is the moment I've been waiting for.’ He went proudly back to the dark forest and home to his dark cave. He raised his hands and said, ‘I will be the all powerful one, give to me all of your power.’ He tried again and again but nothing happened. He screamed and shouted, ‘It must be broken,’ and he threw it onto the floor of his cave and it shattered into a thousand pieces. He screamed loudly and bent over. When he got up he was old and wrinkly, and said loudly, ‘I will find the dragon's eye. I will never give up, I will be all powerful.’

by Sophie Mangan (6)
Bedenham Primary School, Gosport

Competition - My First Story

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