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The Marvellous Mermaid

As the silent, scorching sun rose, I was sleepily sitting in my rowing boat trying to catch a shimmering shark for the cooking pot.

All of a sudden I heard a crash! as a shark bumped into my poor old boat. At once, to my surprise, I fell out of the boat into the turquoise ocean. I was shocked to discover that I could breathe underwater. I glanced down at my toes to find they had disappeared. I had a bright blue tail! I was a brilliant, beautiful blushing mermaid with long, golden hair twinkling like diamonds.

All of a sudden, the squishy sea creatures gathered round me as if to say: our queen has come home. ‘Queen, I'm not your queen.’

Before I could say anymore, a shark appeared in front of me. His teeth were all muddy and brown, so I picked up a stick and asked him to come forward. I started to brush his teeth with the seaweed-covered stick.

When I had finished he stared at my sparkly scales on my tail. He took one look and let out a squeal like a stuck pig! Then he started to whimper because he didn't like his shiny, clean teeth. So he swam away like lightning.

All of a sudden, the sparkly sea creatures started to cheer and clap their hands. They shouted, ‘Bravo!’

Soon the whole ocean was full of excitement. I was so happy, I wanted to stay as a mermaid and live in the deep blue ocean forever.

With me to look after the sea creatures, the ocean was a restful place to be. From that day forward we were shark free!

by Katy Hill (7)
Sturry CE Primary School, Canterbury

Competition - My First Story

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