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Keziah's Magical Story

Once upon a time, in a magical land, there was a castle where a pretty little tooth fairy lived. Her job is to keep all the teeth white and healthy.

One day, a scary dragon had smelly breath because he didn't clean his teeth and ate bad food.

So the tooth fairy went to see the dragon to see what was wrong with the dragon. When she got close, she saw he had rotten teeth and so she offered help.

Her unicorn named Sparkles held the dragon's paw so the tooth fairy could sort the problem out. The dragon explained how his teeth got bad.

One day, the witch came along, he explained, and gave him lots of sweets and bad stuff to drink. He knew he shouldn't be eating the food but it tasted so nice.

The tooth fairy was very angry so the dragon showed her where the witch lived. As they got to the house, the witch flew away on her broom.

by Keziah James (7)
Sturry CE Primary School, Canterbury

Competition - My First Story

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