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Lilly In Wonderland!

Lilly was an adventurous seven-year-old girl, full of excitement and imagination. Her Rapunzel-like hair fell elegantly behind her shoulders.

Lilly decided to go on an adventure into her back garden (the enchanted land). She walked through a rose-covered arch, into her imaginative, make-believe world. This world was full of elves, unicorns and flying hedgehogs.

'Why Lilly, where have you been all this time?' asked Tweedle Dee.

'Just on more of my fabulous adventures,' Lilly replied.

Suddenly, Mad Hatter emerged from under the table, startling Lilly.

'This is going to be a long day!'

by ChloŽ Frost (11)
Bredgar CE Primary School, Sittingbourne

Competition - Once Upon a Time

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