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A Rocket Made Of My Class


I'll start off with the tables,

To make my rocket's door,

I'll use my class' carpet,

To make the fuzzy floor.


I'll take all of the paper,

To make my rocket's skin,

I'll use any kind of paper,

Either thick or thin.


I'll take all of those rubbers,

And make them into buttons,

Then cut some scrap paper,

For a flight to Saturn.


Lastly I'll take some chairs,

And turn them into seats.

Just one look at my rocket,

And I'll see it's complete!


Now I'm ready to fly to the solar system,

And I'm ready to explore!

I'll fly to Saturn, Mars and Uranus,

Maybe I'll find more.

by Ladya Herlan (10)
Bell Lane Primary School, London

Competition - Out Of This World

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