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The Olympic Games drew such a crowd,
As our Olympians made us all stand, and be proud.
The Games were opened with spectacular ceremony.
Joining pride and ambition in a sporting testimony.
The flame was lit and Games begun,
With the athletes all set, to give their best in the test.
With the whole nation behind them, willing them on,
They dared to be bold and aim for the gold . . .
So the runners gave chase and the swimmers dived in,
Whilst the cyclist rode around with gold medals abound.
The gymnasts amazed as the crowds stood and gazed,
At the sight of true sporting perfection.
So now the Games are over, it all happened so fast,
The athletes have gone, but the memories will last.
So the Games have left a long lasting legacy,
Of a generation inspired, to sporting supremacy.
One that will strive to achieve, and never give up . . .
Until it’s the best.

by Ashley Ridout (10)

Competition - Poetry Detectives

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