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A Trip To The Moon With The Flabbergoons

It happened on one fine warm morning,
When a glass of juice I was pouring.
I went to get a chocolate ice cream,
When I met an alien football team.
Turns out these folk were from the moon,
And they were talking Flabbergoon.
Each had eight big eyes,
And were holding space fries.
They took me on a journey,
The sun made my eyesight blurry.
The snow-white moon from afar looked neat,
It was made of cheese that I wanted to eat.
We flew past a green cow eating a steak,
But this cow did not make the sound that a cow should make.
Nor did it squawk, squeak or let out a roar,
Rather it made the sound of a wild boar.
Finally we landed on the moon,
There it was March, on Earth it was June.
I started to tuck into my lunch,
When an alien gave me a 'friendly' punch.
Said the alien who had three feet,
'Hey little Earthling, you're dead meat.'
He looked me up and down licking his lips,
Made me feel like fish and chips.
I scurried away and took a bite from the moon,
It was pretty tasty, but I'd have to disappear soon.
As I finished my seventy-sixth munch,
I sadly became the alien's lunch.
So if an alien sidles by and says, 'Come along with me,'
Be careful how you answer - you may end up being his tea.

by Matti Bookman (10)
Broughton Jewish Primary School, Salford

Competition - Out Of This World

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