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Before long
Space stood there before me
The planets were like moons
Whereas the stars went down in flames
Leaving rubble behind.

There are 8 rickety planets
Not including the
Shiny, sparkling sun known as a star
The pillow-like clouds conceal the sun
Leaving a shower of rain
For the city to bring.

The third planet, Earth
Chatters to the sun
Whilst talking
The sun spitting
Down flames
Spit, spit, bang!

Mars as red as fire
The chocolate that I desire
Known as a planet
That orbits the sun.

I spy through my telescope
Gazing at the exquisite stars
The spectacular view is amazing
Glimmering through
The jet-black sky
Leaving the space behind
Then says goodnight to space
This is the last time you will see my face.

by Emmie Hussain (10)
Butts Primary School, Walsall

Competition - Out Of This World

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