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Maddison's Magical Story

Once upon a time, in a lovely pink castle, lived a lovely princess called Maddy. Queen Mummy had just had a little prince. It was the cutest baby Maddy had ever seen and she wanted to give him the best present ever.

She wandered around and found a big, gigantic dragon in the forest which looked rather sad. Maddy was frightened and whispered, 'What to do?'

To her surprise, the dragon heard her and replied, 'The evil witch, Casandra, has taken my noble and best friend the unicorn.'

Maddy was surprised to know that unicorns are real. She said to the dragon, 'Pardon me sir, but you are big and fierce and can breathe fire, why don't you rescue your friend?'

So they went to the witch's house. Maddy hid in a safe cave whilst the dragon rescued the unicorn. The witch was so frightened, she let the unicorn free.

She went off into the woods and was never seen again. It looked like she had changed because she set her magic broomstick free too.

The two best friends, Unicorn and Dragon, took Maddy home just in time for tea! They also gave Maddy Aladdin's magic lamp as a present to take for her baby brother. Maddy went home to tell her parents her adventure with magical creatures.

by Maddison Green (6)
Ridgeway Infant School, Derby

Competition - My First Story

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