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Alex's Magical Story

One day, a boy called Alex was exploring the woods near his house hoping to find diamonds and jewels for his collection.

Suddenly he saw a light and he looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow which seemed to point to a massive tree. That's strange, Alex thought and he decided to follow the rainbow. Alex never looked where he was going so he suddenly bumped into a wall.

'Oh my, it's a castle,' he shouted excitedly, rubbing his head.

Alex raced towards the castle and pushed open the creaky door. As usual Alex wasn't paying attention and didn't see the animal carvings on the door which said: 'Be Warned'.

Once inside the castle, Alex decided to search the dungeon. He was sure the treasure was either at the top floor or the bottom floor of the castle.

As he entered the dungeon he had a fright. A huge green friendly dragon as big as an elephant was sitting on the floor, keeping guard. 'Leave here!' roared the dragon. 'You will get hurt if you stay!'
Alex stepped back in fright and his foot hit a lump of rock in the floor. He heard a scraping sound and to his amazement the wall opened to reveal a secret passage which was full of treasure.
Alex gasped in amazement. 'Wow, can I take one of these home for my collection please?' he asked the dragon.
'They belong to the evil witch, don't let her catch you' said the Dragon.

Alex ran to the passage and picked out the shiniest, biggest and bluest diamond anyone had every seen. As he put it into his bag he heard a strange thumping sound which got louder and louder. The dragon cried out in fright and said, 'Oh no, it's Harmful, the witch's unicorn guard. Run Alex run!' Alex ran as fast as he could up the stairs and came face to face with a terrible warty-faced witch with black and gold teeth. 'How dare you try to steal my treasure, time for your punishment!' said the witch. The witch cast a spell on Alex and turned him into a broom! 'Serves you right my boy! Now you are my slave forever!' she said.

Alex couldn't believe it, he could see his bag on the floor with the diamond on top. The witch seemed to have forgotten about it so he quickly swept the bag under a chair.
That night when the witch was making her potions Alex flew back to find the friendly dragon. 'Help! How can I break the spell?'

'Find the blue eye and tap it three times,' said the Dragon

Alex flew to his bag and saw that his diamond was glowing. He tapped it three times, bam! He was Alex again. He kissed the dragon goodbye and ran home as fast as he could. The blue eye lives under his pillow just in case that witch comes back!

by Alexander Ring (7)
The Echelford Primary School, Ashford

Competition - My First Story

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