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Brooke's Magical Story

Once there was a prince and a princess living in a wonderful kingdom. They had a witch servant at the castle, they also had a pet unicorn. That was their family. One day a scary but strong dragon approached the friendly village. The dragon's breath was as hot as coals. He uprooted their plants and all the people in the village were getting thinner and thinner each day.

The dragon roared at the prince, it was because he wanted to take the princess. Later, he had had enough so he stomped angrily back to his home.

The unicorn broke through the chains in the stable and galloped to the dragon. The unicorn convinced him not to steal the princess because she was part of her family. They asked each other if they could be friends.

The witch saw them and said that she would cast a spell on the dragon and the village. The witch would fix everything. She was kind.

She said to her broom, 'Go to the princess and tell her to go to the forest right away.' When the princess got there she said to the dragon, 'Would you like to be our royal pet?' The dragon said, 'Yes.' So they lived happily for ever more.

by Brooke Cheriton (7)
Belvedere Infant School, Belvedere

Competition - My First Story

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