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Evie's Jungle Story

Once upon a time, there was a very dark, gloomy forest filled with creepy animals that creep around, trying not to make a single sound. All of the animals have golden eyes to frighten off anyone near. The forest is so dark, that no one ever enters.

Suddenly, high in a tree of the forest, an emerald-green snake starts to slither across the brown branch. It looks friendly but did you know it's poisonous? If it stung you, you would probably run home, screaming in pain!

The long snake is getting quite angry and wants all the other animals to get out of her territory, and it looks fiercely at the other snakes!

Then out of some bushes popped a small head! It was a little lion. He saw all the other animals crying and wanted to help, so he asked them what the matter was and they told him that the mean snake wouldn't share. The lion asked the snake ever so politely to share, and she tried and said okay. She suddenly realised how great sharing was and the problem was solved.

The lion sprinted and sprinted; he led me home and I told my mum about my adventure. Happily I told Mum that I learnt a lesson and it was to share things with other people.

by Evie Keene (7)
Mansbridge Primary School, Southampton

Competition - My First Story

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