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Ella's Under The Sea Story

Once upon a time there was a busy fishing port. It was so busy that no one noticed that one of the boats had drifted out to sea.

It came to rest over a magical city under the sea called Mermaidia. It was home to a friendly crab named Sandy. Sandy was wondering what the dark thing was above the water. It was also home to a mean shark called Bill Bone Cruncher, and his favourite food was mermaid and chips. Just as his tummy was starting to rumble, Corissa the mermaid swam by and Bill Bone Cruncher was just about to dig his teeth into her juicy tail when King Coral scared him away.

Corissa explained how she wanted to go and live on the land, and King Coral said to Corissa that he would think about it. She promised that she would visit every day so he said she could go and live on the land.

by Ella Millington (0)
Benedict Biscop CE Academy, Sunderland

Competition - My First Story

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