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Astropup And The Golden Bone

The radio crackled to life, 'Earth calling Astropup, come in Astropup, we have the location of the golden bone of immortality.' He pawed in the co-ordinates to planet Win-a-lot, and within seconds Shuttlepup 1 was rocketing towards its destination. Deep in the forest Astropup found the temple of the dog-god. His doggy senses were tingling, salivating with anticipation he entered the temple. Perched upon the golden throne of Win-a-lot was the ultimate prize. The most succulent, juicy bone in the galaxy. His paw outstretched, within touching distance, he could almost taste it... 'Patch, Patch, come on lazybones, time for walkies.'

by Noah Strong (8)
Malvins Close Primary Academy, Blyth

Competition - Once Upon A Time

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