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The Twisted Murder

'Quickly Rapunzel, before the witch wakes,' the Prince urged. 'Jump! We can climb down
your hair.'

Hooking up her hair, Rapunzel jumped. Slowly they lowered themselves down.... just as
the witch awoke... 'Where are you?' she shrieked, storming to the window. Seeing
Rapunzel and the Prince halfway down, the furious witch cut Rapunzel's hair catapulting
them to the ground. And their deaths. 'That will teach you!' she cackled, only to shriek
as she realised she was trapped in her own prison, without food or water. No escape.
Waiting for death. And vultures circled above, waiting for the feast to come....

by Amelia Adey (13)
St Peter's Catholic School, Solihull

Competition - Grim Tales

Copyright remains with the author.