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Over The Moon

Today I decided to go into space
because I wanted to see a fantastic race.
I blasted off to the moon
and made my rocket go zoom!

I gazed at the shooting stars above,
they reminded me of a million doves.
I looked for the Milky Way
it was difficult to find, but I looked the right way.

Suddenly I found myself all alone
because I was in the danger zone.
Out of nowhere I saw a figure appear
and I started to tremble with fear.

His skin was crusty and dry
I did not want to look at him
because he would make me die.
The dry aliens came out at night
but boy, oh boy, they gave me an awful fright

Deep in space I had so much fun
floating like a balloon,
however, I didn't want to touch the sun.

Coming towards me I can hear a pack
of burning asteroids, dashing past the Milky Way
like someone had just thrown a ton of grenades!

Sadly, it was time to go
but my rocket was sucked into a black hole,
so off I went, flying home.

by Lyndon Forrester Smith (7)
St Mary And St Michael Catholic Primary School, London

Competition - Out Of This World

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