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The True Wilderness

Undisturbed in the east of Africa,
Lies the true wilderness.
Moving with time, living in harmony with nature.
The scenic place is nestled discreetly in the heart of the universe.
Its peaceful plains picking out the modest sparkle of the stars.

Blanketed with shadows of dusk, it embraces the gift of beauty it has been given.
The faint echo of the wind rushes freely through the heather,
Its surroundings cloaked with layers of pure and original elegance

The radiant sunset seems to flow effortlessly from the emptiness towering above.
The reserved trickle of its streams sends me into a healing trance.
The acacia trees rooted into the singed sand, feel overcome by the inky canyon dawdling above.

The picturesque landscape will never be forgotten.

by Lucy Atkinson (10)
Weetwood Primary School, Leeds

Competition - Out Of This World

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