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A Letter To The Adults

They take their notes but they don't understand
How we really are feeling
If they take away our phones and games
We would just lie down and stare at the ceiling.

In groups we're all just menaces
But alone we walk with heads down
We pull our hoods up over our faces
To mask unfriendly frowns.

You think that we're all criminals
Guilty until proven not
But you're not allowed to change your minds
You're cold and then you're hot.

We're children for the most part
And adults when it suits you best
With duties and responsibilities
That limit play and rest.

We are ignorant and foolish
If we don't agree with your way
But you deemed us as rebels
We just want to have a say.

Because we have thoughts and opinions
Hopes for the future too
Please know we're not the enemy
Sincerely, Younger Forms of You.

by Sarah Jayne Lartey (0)
Lady Margaret School, London

Competition - Poetopia

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