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My Friend On Mars

The ground crumbling beneath
my trembling feet.

I can hardly cope
with the unbearable heat.

Everything on this planet
is an empty wasteland.

I just cannot wait
until I am found.

There are craters everywhere
popping up like little rabbit holes.

Maybe one will explode
beneath my shoe soles.

Suddenly I see something
lying on the floor.

When I look closer
I realise it's a trapdoor.

I open it frightened
and take a peek inside.

And I see someone
a little while away trying hard to hide.

I call out to this person
and ask to see his face.

As he walks out of the shadows
I meet him face to face.

Sadly as we're about to talk
the rocket bell goes off.

And I have to get back quickly
before it takes off.

Every time I think of him
I look up to the stars.
I know I'll never forget my little friend on Mars.

by Olivia Brown (10)
Godstowe School, High Wycombe

Competition - Out Of This World

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