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An Astronomical Cry

My body was a planet,
Valleys and mountains undiscovered,
My orbit strayed too close to your gravitational field,
But I didn't mind,
At first,
Because from a distance even black holes can look like stars.

My skin was a landscape that you were not allowed to travel,
My legs the stems of roses,
And you pulled off every thorn,
Until I could not fight back.

My innocence was a forest when you wanted wood,
My trust an investment,
You commanded troops that broke down my walls,
From the inside-out.

My self-esteem was a tower that you built up,
Like a skyscraper,
Just before the storm,
Because those who are higher,
Have the furthest to fall.

But you had done this before,
Your skyscraper fed off the hurricane,
And profited from the rubble around it,
I knew the flood was coming,
But I was not wise enough to get away.

Until getting away was not an option,
My fear drowned me in its thick depths,
Blinded me,
Impressing you was all I could do,
Like the fish that feed off the shark are protected.

If you could've read my mind,
Would you have wanted to?
Would my inner protests have forced your moving hands,
To cease?

My desperation to please you was a choking smoke,
It filled up my throat and silenced my words,
Allowing only the words I knew you would want to hear,
To escape from my hushed lips.

While your lips touched skin unkissed before,
And your fingers climbed too high,
My words remained unspoken,
My vocal chords still,
But silence is not an option anymore.

by Kaya Jobson (0)
South Nottinghamshire Academy, Nottingham

Competition - Poetopia

Copyright remains with the author.