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The Venus Voyager

I am a timeless traveller lost in space,
Stardust engulfing me like thunder clouds' intergalactic lace.
Looking at the tumbling cascade of stardust,
Crashing in the distance like swivelling fireworks.
Grumbling on the way to joyful Jupiter,
Weaving through the swirling cirrus clouds of moonbeams.
Violet clouds of stardust,
Buzzz, buzzing on their way through the galaxy.
Gazing at the smiling group of constellations,
Coiling and whirling around the Pillars of Creation
Glimmering moon joining the vermillion clusters of stars,
Watching the amethyst pulsars pacing by
I am in awe of the wonderful sight,
A scintillating glimmer in the distance.
Crooning past feathery clouds waving past this golden beauty,
Rapidly racing towards the glittering million diamonds.
Spherical gleaming beauty miles away,
The ship starts bounding and twisting up invisible spiral stairs.
Then I feast my eyes on this luminous ball,
I glare at it with bulging eyes ready to explore,
This teeming magnificence blazes at me with eyes like balls of fire.
Suddenly I spy an emerald wonder dazzling in the shadows of Mars,
A cerulean patched exquisiteness, a multicoloured pea.
An emerald diamond staring back at me,
A delicate lily of the Nile.
Lord of all the lords is our very own Earth.

by Navya Goel (10)
Goodmayes Primary School, Ilford

Competition - Out Of This World

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