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The Unexpected Bundles

Jack and Lucy-Ann had moved to Ivy Cottage, which was in the mountains. Ivy Cottage was a pleasant cosy little snug cottage. Suddenly, out of the corner of Jack's eye, he saw an old abandoned cottage. 'That's strange, the landlord told me Ivy Cottage was the only cottage on the mountain!' exclaimed Jack.
'Well why are we waiting? Let's go and explore,' commented Lucy-Ann, excitedly.
Jack heard a strange noise as they entered the cottage. It came from the wardrobe. Cautiously Jack opened the wardrobe door. Out leapt a kitten, followed by another six! Their journey in life had begun!

by Isobel Francis Richardson (7)
Thorpe Hall School, Southend-On-Sea

Competition - Once Upon a Time

Copyright remains with the author.