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The Ballerina

I live next door to a beautiful ballerina,
Sometimes I just gaze out of my window watching her,
She dances elegantly like her life depended on it,
But it did . . .

She moves so gracefully,
Delicately prancing on her toes,
Twirling majestically like a snowflake drifting in the mild breeze,
As if it was easy.

She glances out of her window
And catches me glaring,
She flashed an iconic smile,
As if everything was okay.

There was always a shine in her eyes,
It was the tears she kept inside,
I always had a feeling that there was something wrong,
I was correct . . .

She didn't dance because she wanted to,
She did it because she needed to,
It was the only way she could express her feelings . . .
By the gentle movements of her body,
To take away the agonising memories . . .

by Daisy Fusha (10)
St Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Northampton

Competition - Out Of This World

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