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The Tears That Made The Rain

In the distant fog, a howl of a mother,
The distraught scream of a daughter,
An echoing whistle from a child, too young to understand.

The dreaded knock that shook the house, telling them the bad news.
A man saying goodbye for the last time,
Hugging his children; telling them he loved them.
No matter what happened.

The syncopated footsteps of the soldiers,
Their faces straight but broken down inside,
Their names long forgotten and replaced with ranks instead,
But they knew, even with all their training,
Surely, some of them would die,
No matter what happened.

The trenches filled with bodies, alive and deceased,
The noise of explosions and guns going off constantly,
Making it impossible to sleep,
Then, the order to get on the surface, to face the enemies, to face death,
The soldiers' fingers trembled on the triggers,
But they knew they had to keep pushing forward,
No matter what happened.

The silent whimper of the solider in the next trench room,
His tears splashing his letter to his sweetheart,
Smudging the writing that declared his simple love to her,
But he knew that he might die,
No matter what happened.

The clearage of the bodies, picked up like stray dogs,
But their ghosts still walked around the trenches
And the misty fields looking for a way to see
Their loved ones for the last time,
But they secretly knew, there wasn't a way,
No matter what happened.

by Josephine Coughlan (0)
By Josephine Coughlan St Ursula's Convent School, London

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