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Great Britain

Britain is great, sometimes we wonder why,
The valleys are low and the mountains are high.
We have our Queen to reign over our place
And our very own money carries her face.
She lives in our capital, old London Town,
When the flag is flying she is wearing her crown.
English is spoken all over the land
It unites the world to go hand in hand.
England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales,
They are all joined together by valleys and dales.
We may all sound different when we talk,
But all come together and walk the walk.
Winter and spring, summer or fall,
Our weather varies so much, we experience it all.
Blowing gales, sun, snow and rain.
Not hot and sunny, we're not like Spain!
Our national team's home is Wembley,
The stadium stands proud for us all to see.
Eleven players step onto the pitch,
Hopefully to win without a hitch.
Britain is great and now we know why,
The valleys are low and the mountains are high.

by Owen Mable (8)
The South Hykeham Community Primary School, Lincoln

Competition - Out Of This World

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