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Monster Under My Sofa

11:59 in the night,
My heart is beating at the speed of light.
Everyone has gone to bed,
Then there's me with pillows over my head.
The clock strikes 12 and I hear a sound,
My heart is beating,
I can hear it pound.

Whatever it was it made a growl,
I can barely breathe,
It smelt foul.
I thought the sofa moved,
Now I had started to disapprove.

After it tapped my shoulder,
Nothing could make my attention bolder.
I looked down but there was nothing there,
Except the odour of a grizzly bear.

I had started to calm down,
Until it got hold of my dressing gown.
It pulled hard, but I pulled harder,
I fell down then came my father.
I explained how I fell on the mat,
Then he said, it was just my stinky pet cat.

by Mustafa Safyi (9)
Marlborough Primary School, Middlesex

Competition - Out Of This World

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