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A Philosophical Debate

Sitting at home texting my friends,
A spaceship crashed down on my lawn!
A monster with flesh hanging off his face
Like peeling paint lashed at me!
Written on his helmet was 'Monster from outer space'
Turning up the bass,
We deliriously danced,
To an entranced
Piece of music,
'I'm worried about darkness inhabiting space.
Will it take over every race?'
'Do not fear,' I replied,
Because I did not know I lied,
Thinking about it more deeply,
I realised I did not know
Whether the darkness would go
But at the end of time,
The sun would dramatically explode
Like a shard of glass shattering,
What would be left?
Only darkness . . .
I did not tell him my disturbing view,
So off he flew without a clue,
Sitting at home texting my friends,
Depressingly, I realised all life would
Eventually end.

by Louie Orme (0)
The Tutorial Foundation, Kent

Competition - Out Of This World

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