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Glitter Makes The Silver Season Shine

As life regenerates, the flowers still half born,
Trees blossom as the life flows through the world, awakening it,
Pink paths flow and wave as energy turns into love,
The smell of spring air fades away as summer heat warms the world with fun,
The pink is now lime-green and the golden grasses grow,
As the angel touches the ground they turn to glitter jewels waving in the wind,
Then the world dies out and dries,
The world is brown and burnt,
Trees are bare and lost, cold, desolate and deserted,
The flow of life is stopped and there is no colour but black,
Then the brown burnt leaves disintegrate into white dust,
The wind dies and dreams freeze as the cold winter comes,
Glitter makes the silver season shine as the floor turns into gems of snow,
Will life ever return?

by George Cawte (10)
Ashton CE VA Middle School, Dunstable

Competition - Out Of This World

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