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The Enchanted Stream

I paddle in our pearly pool,
I swim in the shining stream,
I run in the shallow river,
However, where does it start?
Where does it end?
I've only been in the magnificent middle,
And it's always as calm as a clam.

Plus, when rain comes,
Pretty pearls of luminous water jumps,
As drops of transparent liquid fall from the sky
At the speed of sound.

I love the way the streaming scarf flows
In a miniscule crack in the Earth's thin crust,
And at the end of the scarf,
As long as a sea serpent,
Kisses the start of the sea,
I can see,
Silly sardines,
Shining salmon,
Gleaming goldfish,
Magnificent moon fish,
And a number of other fabulous fish
Swimming silently,
As shimmering scales push gently amongst the sandy shore.

The silver silk shines in the sunlight,
As smooth stones rest peacefully on the riverbed,
Whilst the enchanted liquid,
Glitters as strong as baby sapphires,
And that is the story of the scarf-like stream.

by Angelika Jarzynska (9)
Toftwood Junior School, Dereham

Competition - Out Of This World

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