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Discombobulated Boy

Once upon a time there was a very unusual superhero. One you would never imagine or expect. What kind of hero? you ask. Well... a very confused one - Discombobulated Boy.

Discombobulated Boy had many powers. He could fly, turn invisible, fire lasers from his eyes, shoot webs from his fingers and was incredibly strong.

Amazing, I hear you say and he would have been truly amazing were it not that these powers always happened at just the wrong time.

Crossing the road, Discombobulated Boy would become invisible. Can you imagine? Cars would speed towards him. In his panic, webs would shoot from his hands, tangling old ladies in a massive woolly web. Trying to release them from the cobwebby mess, his lasers would shoot out, creating fires in local parks and gardens.

Once when flying, he had caused an international incident and was only saved by the direct actions of the American president.

The list goes on...

Well you might think this character shouldn't count as a superhero if this is the kind of mess he gets himself and others into, but sometimes, just sometimes, Discombobulated Boy gets it right.

Last week he saved my life.

Crossing the road he accidentally did the whole web fire thing again! But this time he got me wrapped in the gooey tangle. On another day I might have been upset but on this day Discombobulated Boy used his web to pull me from beneath a passing bus.

Thanks Discombobulated Boy.

by Arthur Phillips (8)
Benedict Biscop CE Academy, Sunderland

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