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Sandy Beach

As I looked upon the sandy beach the waves crashed up high,
Exciting, enchanting, exhilarating - it was such a sight,
It almost made me cry.
The sun danced on the golden sand
Warm beneath my hands and as soft as duck down,
I wanted to wrap myself in it,
Roll in it, run barefoot, feeling free -
No reason to ever frown, a rush of joy ran up my spine
As I watched the waves racing to the shore,
Tears pricked at my eyes but flowed back down to my core,
The wind whisked up the once still sand, shapes whirled,
Swirled and twirled like a tornado from a distant land,
On the horizon far, far away
The boats drifted in ready to set sail.
Time passed, I climbed aboard,
The boat glided as graceful dolphins left a trail.
I glanced up to the glistening sky,
Where seagulls cried and swooped to catch their prey,
Sea salt filled the air, I breathed in deep
To save the smell for another day,
I gently turned and looking back
As the shore behind me disappeared,
I wished goodbye to my sandy beach
Remembering, as the scene behind me cleared.

by Daisy Pennells (9)
Harewood CE Primary School, Leeds

Competition - Out Of This World

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