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Lauriana's First Story

As they walked through the magic door, Ben realised that they were walking through a neatly iced doughnut! Then right in front of their eyes was a river of melted chocolate, and in the chocolate were gummy fish swimming around freely. As Emma and Ben admired the view, the door vanished!

As Emma was looking for the exit, she found a candy map and it said: 'Find the way to the end of Candy Land to enter the human world'.

'Ben, I found a way out!' shouted Emma.

'Great!' said Ben.

'Woof!' barked the dog!

They then started to follow the map. If I didn't say, the map is a magic map. They went through the candy desert when they got hungry. 'Since there is candy everywhere, I suggest we eat some of the ground,' said Emma.

'I agree,' said Ben. So they did.

A few minutes later, Ben and Emma just reached Candy Forest and they were sweating.

'Let's find some shade,' Ben said weakly.

'OK,' said Emma.

When they found shade, a doughnut fell on Ben's head! 'Hey!' shouted Ben.

An hour later, Ben and Emma found a portal. 'Emma,' said Ben.

'Yes?' said Emma.

'Could we go in the portal now?' asked Ben.

'Yes, why?' asked Emma.

'Cos I really have to go to the bathroom,' said Ben.

'OK,' Emma said, 'jelly beans!' Then they were home.

'Finally,' said Ben, and he ran quickly to the bathroom.

by Lauriana Macaludos
Firs Farm Primary School, London

Competition - My First Story 2017

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