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The Fun Party

One beautiful day, there was a good class who had finished their quizzes, so they got to play in the nice garden. These two children were especially good, their names were Alfie and Rosie. The teachers thought the children had done really well so they had a party. 

Alfie, Rosie and their friends went home and got changed into their smart and very pretty costumes. When the children returned to school, the teachers had all left because they had gone to mark the children's brilliant and amazing literacy books.

The children were upset and were trembling and shaking like mad. Some of them were hugging each other. One very, very sad child was even squealing.

Mrs Boag, the superhero TA, had a very important problem to solve. She climbed into her shiny Lamborghini and drove fast into the night. Superhero TA Mrs Boag had a chat with the teachers and drove them back to school. She said, 'What is more important than the children?'

The teachers stayed at the party. Miss Richardson tried to creep out but Mrs Boag stopped her!

She said, 'My work here is done,' and with that she drove off in her shiny Lamborghini.

by Emily Sanders
Bushmead Primary School, Luton

Competition - My First Story 2017

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