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Amanda's Space Story

… a space world! It was amazing, they were floating in mid-air!

'Where are we?' asked Emma.

'We are in space!'

'Look, there's the moon,' said the fluffy dog.

'Shall we catch stars?' asked Emma.

'Yes, we should. It is safe to do it on the moon.'

They started air paddling to the moon. When they got there they started catching stars. 'I've caught the Northern Star!' said Ben. While they were doing that a stealthy alien tiptoed behind them.

'I wonder if they could be my friends?'

When they had finished star catching they walked on the moon. Suddenly, they felt a buzzing feeling. 'What's going on?' asked the fluffy dog.

They felt themselves floating upwards. They looked up to a spaceship. 'Wow,' they said together.

When they were in, the alien said, 'Can you be my friends?'

They said, 'Yes!'

'Would you like a ride?'

'Yes please,' they said.

'Let's go!'

'I'm so excited,' said Emma.

When they set off they felt a force pulling them down. They saw a ferocious monster. 'Oh no, I forgot to tell you that a monster is after me!' The alien pulled a lever that made them go higher. 'This is the only way we can escape. Hold on tight!' They finally got free.

'I think we should be going home now.'

'I'll take you home,' said the alien.

They flew away. When they got there it was night-time and they thanked the alien. They then walked home.

by Amanda Calleja (7)
St Peter's CE Primary School, Newport

Competition - My First Story 2017

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